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 For many of us, the cover of the Book of Life hasn't  been opened for so long that we've forgotten we are all part of the same human story. Our intention to Do Good gets lost in our demanding schedules, busy lives and letting others write our narrative for us.


Feel Alive is a think tank, a sounding board, a place where people can enter with curiosity and intention, view a video, read a story and discover new avenues for doing good; from easy and fun volunteer opportunities to links for purchasing products from inspiring companies that give back to society.


We find and tell uplifting stories with equal parts humor, information and solution that give you a resource to find products, places, and people that engage in participatory giving. We invite you to join us to help write your own version of a more positive, empathetic and engaging story of humanity. Because when you do good, you feel good. When you feel good, you feel alive. That energy can change the world!




Kristine Tesauro was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Upon arrival to the hospital, doctors informed her that had she waited an additional two days, she would not have survived.


This is a story of family, the power of positivity, the strength of a community. A story with a message that transcends cancer. A message of hope, perseverance, compassion and gratitude.


Special thanks to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Tesauro family, and the wonderful community of Sacramento, California for the support of Catch Some Air.


Produced and Hosted by Gary Hurt - FeelAlive.us

Directed & Edited by Nils Wanberg - WanbergMediaArts.com

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Ways to give back by patronizing companies with a commitment to charitable purchasing

and supporting organizations that Do Good in your community.


The Crimson Cup


I have a soft spot for this company. This coffee company was founded and is located in Columbus Ohio, my home town! Kismet brought me to this amazing coffee company. Sitting on my patio in Santa Monica, Ca. I was researching organizations that provide resources to various cancer causes. Crimson Cup pops up because of a special roast they were offering called  "Grounds For Hope" with $1 from every bag sold was going to the Cancer Support Center of central Ohio.


That kind of caring and community involvement is what defines Crimson Cup. I ordered a bag of Dark Roast "Grounds For Hope" and when it showed up at my door and I opened up the box I was hooked for life. There was a photo of the beautiful women, with the most beautiful smile, and the most beautiful bald head from her chemotherapy treatment...it was a stunning display of life and hope. THEN...I brewed the coffee...WOW...amazing, truly amazing!  I can't do the Crimson Cup story justice in a few sentences so please go to their site, read their business model, their community involvement and President Greg Uberts business philosophy:


  • An engaging work life
  • A fun environment
  • A culture of giving


And directly from their site..."we believe we can improve the world and others with this philosophy...L.Y.F.E. (Leave You Feeling Energized), and L.O.V.E. (Leave Others Feeling Energized.) I am sold...Greg Ubert and the Crimson Cup team gives me grounds for hope that love of community and a culture of giving back will prevail!!!


Cellar Angels


Cellar Angels is a cause movement using wine and giving as it's vehicle for change! It's absolutely free to sign up to be an "Angel" then each week you get a new wine offering from an amazing winery usually in the Napa, St.Helena and Yountville areas of Northern California, (at a discount price!!) and a corresponding video introducing the winery and owner or wine maker. $10 shipping on as many bottles as you buy – 1 or a case!


I have personally purchased nearly 30 bottles of wine from Cellar Angels (I haven't drank them all!) and intend on featuring as many as possible! I truly believe in Cellar Angels and the movement they are spearheading. Their commitment is in full view as you cannot complete your purchase until you pick one of those charities to support with your purchase. Martin and Denise Cody and the entire Cellar Angels family are helping improve this world one grape at a time.


Even if you don't drink wine yourself, this is a great gift for someone you love. Buy a case and always have a good bottle to bring to a gathering of friends or family. You will not only be sharing a great wine, you'll be introducing people to the idea of charitable purchasing and conscious consumption.




An incredible organization that is my go-to site for virtually every t-shirt I purchase. So much more than t-shirts though....Their motto is "People Matter." How refreshing!! Must see website to do it justice. Seven dollars of every purchase goes to the cause they are promoting for that week, and every cause is so worthy!!! T-shirts are always hip and cool with a design team that blends fashion and philanthropy effortlessly. I just can't say enough good things about Sevenly. Check them out....People really do matter!!!


A Day at the Hippie Kitchen

Skid Row, Los Angeles, California

According to www.feedamerica.org there are 49.1 million Americans living in food insecure households. That includes 16 million children. That is completely unacceptable in a country that has the vast resources we possess. No matter where your mindset comes down on the side of the 1% vs the 99% there is no debate about the travesty that is 16 million children going hungry. (that leaves 33.3 million hungry adults trying to care for 16 million hungry children). September is National Hunger awareness month and I was attempting to figure out the best way for me to do my part.

Southern California is a beautiful place to live. Perfect weather, beaches, constant outdoor recreation but also 10,000 homeless in the central ghetto of downtown Los Angeles commonly referred to as Skid Row. 10,000 homeless, poor, and marginally employed residents living in street encampments and rescue missions! What a dubious honor being nominated as "the homeless capital of the nation" That is the epicenter of hunger in Los Angeles. I decided to volunteer at the "The Hippie Kitchen" The actual name is the Hospitality Kitchen but everyone knows it as the Hippie Kitchen. lacatholicworker.org/visiting-and-volunteering/soup-kitchen  They take walk in volunteers every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You must commit from 730am to 1245pm. If we as a people we can't commit 5 hours to our hungry fellow citizens then in my opinion we have reached a dangerous tipping point in this country. My drive into the area was eye opening enough to ....


Click on link above to learn how to voluteer at the Hippie Kitchen

The search for GOOD has been found!

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