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The Do Good Bus

What if I told you that right smack dab in the middle of massive, chaotic Los Angeles you could transport yourself  back to a simpler time, a more innocent childlike time,  a time of goodness and caring and sharing...that you could jump on a school bus, instantly make new friends, play games, sing songs, exchange life stories, play among the trees, have a picnic and the end result would be supplying 8000 servings of food for hungry families...all in 5 hrs...you would probably say " you are on some kind of hallucinogenic drug" and I would say "no, I was on the Do Good Bus" On Saturday August 20th I was treated to a Feel Good experience like no other!


The Do Good Bus organizes community rides, usually twice a month, that partner with an amazing charity all in the name of Doing Good! The location of your Do Good task and charitable partner is kept secret until you actually arrive at your destination to heighten the anticipation! About 20 like minded Do Gooders boarded our yellow school bus (yep, just like the one you road as a kid!) at a Universal Studios parking lot (safe and secure) at approximately 8 am, and about 30 miles of game playing, story telling, transportation hijinks later we arrived at our Do Good location. Huntington Gardens in Pasadena Ca.


Visual awe describes this majestic place. Acres of flower gardens and beautifully manicured landscaping could have been explored for hours on end...but no...we had a mission to execute!!! We finally were let in on our task for the day...picking oranges under the guidance of an amazing organization Food Forward. Their mission statement tells their story, "Food Forward rescues fresh local produce that would otherwise go to waste, connecting this abundance with people in need, and inspiring others to do the same"www.foodforward.org  Well today we were the "others" that would be doing the same. After short tutorial form our fearless Pick Leader Bethany, we brandished our orange picking tools and set off into one of the most beautiful orange groves you could ever set your eyes on. Under an 80 degree sun drenched breezy day of perfection our team of Do Gooders cultivated 4000lbs of oranges, which we were told was the equivalent to 8000 servings of food!!!  When stacked end to end the Food Forward boxes filled with our efforts truly resembled a fortress of nutritional virtue!!


We finished with a picnic lunch, reflected on the day, exchanged contact information to stay connected to our new web of alms driven comrades and boarded the bus to conclude our day. To Rebecca and the entire Do Good Bus team and all of my new fellow Do Gooders I can't thank you enough for supplying with with 5 hours that will last a lifetime!!! And since we finished back at Universal Studios I will leave the Do Good Bus with a famous movie quote..."I'll be Back."

The Opal Award

As human beings we all have a person or persons that lay the foundation for who we are and how we conduct ourselves while on this earth... a person that has embedded the attributes that defines our character deeply into our soul. For me, that person was my Grandma Opal Hurt. Just her name alone tells you she was a gem.


I try with all of my might, everyday, to live up to the example she set through her selflessness. The love in her eyes, the complete and utter goodness in her smile, the healing sound of her voice, the angelic softness of her touch, and the unconditional love she showed every single person she came into contact with is so unique to her that I know I can only hope to have absorbed an iota of that aura that was her, and attempt to emanate it to the world. I knew that when the opportunity arose for me to pay homage to her, to ensure that I could introduce her purity to the world I would seize that opportunity!


The Opal Award is emblematic of all that is good, loving and compassionate in this world. The blue hue of the award symbolizes her beautiful blue eyes and the life force that is the ocean and the sky. The circular O shape is the circle of love that she subliminally stood so proudly in the middle of and the gravitational pull of her goodness kept everyone surrounding her. The Opal Award is the crowning achievement of "Feel Alive", and whatever avenue this project ends up going down it will be a successful road traveled...because my beautiful Opal will be with me every step of the way! I am so blessed to have Opal Hurt as my shining example of what humanity should look like.


She will always be my Angel.

Stand up to Cancer


I defy anyone to tell me they haven't in some way shape or form been touched by cancer. In 2014, with all of our technologies and innovations we still can't get a handle on this disease. Don't tell that to Stand Up 2 Cancer! Co-founded by 11 brave and brilliant women including Katie Couric and famed Hollywood producer Laura Ziskin, who lost her 7 year battle with breast cancer in 2011, Stand Up 2 Cancer is at the forefront of cutting edge research and fund raising. I am a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and honored to be a part of the entertainment industry and thankful to every other industry, and person who joins with Stand Up 2 Cancer to find a cure.

Caffeining with Meaning

America is a caffeinated nation. Studies show that we have approximately 282 million coffee drinkers, that is just coffee drinkers over 18yrs of age! ( I can't get in line at a coffee shop without feeling like a Coffee Chaperone!!) It is also estimated that 54% of adults in the great USA are coffee drinkers and drink 3 cups a day which equates to 382 MILLION cups of coffee EVERY DAY!!! That means Americans will consume almost 12,000,000 (yes that is 6 zeros, 12 million!!) pounds of coffee every year!!...and 80% of those drinkers brew their coffee at home....which means they have to buy it from somewhere!!! I am compiling like a caffeinated madman an extensive list of coffee companies that give some or all of it's proceeds to various charities.


Since I and our "Feel Alive" crew can only lose our zombie state after a few cups of great java we intend on beginning each segment with "Caffeining With Meaning" Highlighting a really cool coffee company that is pepping up the world of Philanthropy while pepping us up!! Just think...you don't need to move from tired backside and get in your car and spew exhaust in the atmosphere and grind your carbon footprint in any deeper than it already is (unless you have a Tesla) you can just go to www.feelalive.us and have the ability to find an option to learn about an amazing company offering you amazing coffee for an amazing cause!! So subtract the time and fluorocarbons and add $$$$ to philanthropic causes by turning an ordinary cup of coffee into "Caffeining With Meaning"

Ranger Coffee Salute

"Sleep Is A Crutch"...tell me a coffee roast with that title is not tough...well it should be! It comes straight to you from Ranger Coffee. A veteran owned, veteran run coffee company out of Georgia. They are keenly aware that providing the support and resources  for our returning military men and women vital to maintaining a vibrant work force and secure nation. Their motto is "coffee is what we do, veteran impact is why we do it." They are putting their money where their heart is. In 2012 they instituted a 50/50 policy. Essentially for every distributable dollar of profit that goes to ownership or investors a corresponding dollar goes to one of the immensely important Veteran causes they work with. Six different roast options, one common cause...Supporting those who have served us!!!

Manifesto for Feel Alive

What if...we could take small, subtle, subliminal pieces of the philanthropic puzzle and passionately, energetically and entertainingly assemble them to form a beautiful vibrant picture keenly focused on the solidarity of charity.


What if the end result was the casting of a powerful tool that could be used as a chisel of goodness to chip away at the mountain of problems that weigh so heavily on so many.


What if the finished product was an awe inspiring, breath taking sculpture that when gazed upon by humanity would symbolize that anything is possible for anyone.


What if we lived in a world where reward was bestowed on good deed not greed,

A world where the journey was epitomized by "we go' not ego.


A world where there were no battle lines or borderlines or gender lines or color lines,

only smile lines that lead to laugh lines that lead to the masses lining up on the side of empathy and equality.


That world is possible if we remember one simple thing...ALL WE TRULY HAVE IS EACH OTHER!!!


That world is possible if we realize that when we go into our communities and DO GOOD it makes us FEEL GOOD, and when we FEEL GOOD we refuse to let our people go hungry, be homeless and fight everyday to barely survive...when we create that Community of Consciousness where we freely, with strength, go out and DO GOOD and FEEL GOOD we become active participants gathering resources as one so every single member of the community has an opportunity to thrive...


And when we DO GOOD and FEEL GOOD we no longer act in fear...because we are aware...we hope we care, we dream, we dare, because our hearts and our souls FEEL ALIVE!!!!

Grounds for Hope

Description coming soon...

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